The awful shadow of some unseen Power
Floats, tho’ unseen, amongst us.

—Percy Bysshe Shelly

The eldest humans of King’s Crossing can recall the stories of their grandfathers: tales of a bitter war, red skies, and a great black army that marched in from the east, and the day the Kingdom of Tannonbrae asked the traders and field hands of the town to take up arms and do nothing less than save the world. Even today, farmers plowing new fields are not surprised to unearth time-darkened helmets or shattered blades, grim reminders of the most important battle of mankind’s recorded history—a battle that took place scant miles from your doorstep.

It has been almost 140 years since the Battle of King’s Crossing. Aertimas, the Lord of Chaos, was vanquished; his army of shadows and twisted half-men was broken and destroyed. The greatest threat to the world since the age of the Titans was subdued, but at great cost: King Ordric of Tannonbrae was slain, as were many of the Eladrin High Council and the Dwarven Chieftains. The people of the land withdrew after the great war against Chaos, and Tannonbrae’s once-glorious kingdom is but a dim memory of the longest-lived of races.

In the time since that fateful battle, the town of King’s Crossing has prospered where most other settlements have wilted. Always an important trading center due to its placement between the Sable River and the Karzan Pass, King’s Crossing has established itself as a preeminent outpost against the encroaching darkness that rose out of the vacuum of the fall of Tannonbrae. Overseen by its governor, Hedril Ilverman, the town has established an area of relative safety, where merchants, farmers, and travelers can work and stay in peace. All are welcome, provided they can obey the law.

But the prosperity of King’s Crossing makes it an attractive target for brigands, who lately have been prowling the forests beyond the farmlands, preying on lightly-armed merchant caravans and pilgrims. Goblins, too, have been reported in the eastern hills, harrying laborers in the copper mines and vexing the militia sent to drive them out. And perhaps a greater threat still lurks in the Sorrow Swamp in the south, a vestige of mankind’s greatest foe, who has not forgotten the defeat handed to him over a century ago…

For 140 years, King’s Crossing has made its own path through history. Strong trade, a sense of community, and a stout militia have been enough to not only ensure the town’s survival, but strengthen it against the tests that time has tried it with. But a shadow is stirring, and King’s Crossing will need more than merchants, farmers, and soldiers—it will need heroes.

King's Crossing